Applying for residency as an older graduate, meaning those over the age of forty and/or those who graduated medical school over 5 years ago, can be intimidating. You’re competing with a fresh pool of eager, bright-eyed young graduates, and there just isn’t enough room for everyone.

With your CV showing you graduated over five years ago, there are a few thoughts program directors will have:

What has this candidate been doing for the past 5 years?

Can this candidate keep up with new graduates?

Why haven’t they been matching?

Is this candidates medical knowledge outdated?

These questions need to be remedied to put you on the playing field with a more recent graduate. You can do that a number of ways:

Research. Research. Research.

Filling gaps in your CV with research opportunities shows you have a keen interest in contributing to the field of medicine. It also shows you’ve been spending time on activities relevant to the field. Research at more prestigious medical schools will impress Program Directors

Clinical Opportunities at Teaching Hospitals

ACGME-accredited teaching hospitals have stellar reputations because of their dedication to the field; teaching hospitals bring together medical education, research, and patient care. These centers of innovation foster an environment of discovery and the latest advancements in medicine. They also have better outcomes for patients; according to a study, patients treated at major teaching hospitals have up to 20% higher odds of survival compared to those treated at non-teaching hospitals. A strong letter of recommendation and real hands-on experience from a teaching hospital will make you a competitive candidate for U.S. medical residency placement.

Being an older graduate isn’t all negative. Having a lot of research experience and staying relevant in medicine shows more real-world knowledge, perseverance, and experience with a diverse patient population. You’ve obtained a certain level of maturity only time can provide. Continuing to pursue education without giving up displays tenacity and a resilient character, shows you’re eager to learn, hard-working, and have determination.

We offer a comprehensive pathway to U.S. medical residency, tailored for older graduates. Give us a call today to learn more about these opportunities.