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How Our Candidates Found Their Match

This year’s Match season was unlike any other. The stakes are getting higher as the number of applicants increases but the number of positions remains the same. This year, there were only about 33,000 positions for just under 44,000 applicants.  It can seem impossible to land a residency nowadays, and many medical graduates feel the need to give up. Not you! Residents Medical is here to get you back on track.

This season, we were extremely successful in landing our candidates Pre-Match, Main Match, and SOAP positions. On Match Day 2019, our phones and LiveChat were ringing and dinging non-stop! This just goes to show how competitive the Match has become, and how successful Residents Medical candidates are in finding their Dream Residency. Most of our candidates were able to land a Main Match spot, while a few others secured SOAP positions later in the week.

Each of our candidates overcome their own unique obstacles and come to us for expertise and professional assistance. Whether you need a revamped CV, one-on-one tutoring to improve your USMLE, or personalized strategies to master the residency interview, we’ve got you covered. But what makes Residents Medical the crème de la crème is we not only provide those important preparatory courses, we can also integrate you into the residency program itself through our proprietary educational initiates. It is our Residency Placement Assistance Service, where we create a customized plan for you to make you a desirable candidate so that you can be a practicing staff resident. Residents Medical is well equipped to confront your challenges. We strengthened our current candidates’ applications so they could achieve their goals this Match season, and now it is time for us to help YOU.

Your next step after residency rejection is Residents Medical. We have access to Post-Match and Off-Track spots so you don’t have to find the needle in the haystack. Regardless of why you did not Match, this is NOT the end of your journey to practice medicine. We have options to help you revitalize your skills so that your dreams become a reality. Our track record speaks for itself: We help FMGs, IMGs, and U.S. graduates land their Dream Residency. Now, it’s your turn.

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