In the U.S., your candidacy for residency is greatly affected if there is a gap of time in your clinical experience, or a lack of experience with the U.S. healthcare system. Many IMGs and FMGs who plan to pursue their medical career in the US should be aware of the differences between healthcare practice standards abroad versus requirements in the US.

In order to be truly competitive in your residency quest, obtaining 3-6 months of continuous hands-on experience at U.S. clinics and hospitals is essential. Our Externships program provides you with the opportunity to expand your experience and knowledge to stand out on your residency application.

There are many organizations that offer externship opportunities, but they are little more than following a preceptor in their office and occasional hospital visits with the M.D. We are the only organization that offers hands-on ensured clinical experience in an institutional setting embedded within a teaching hospital. This is the kind of experience residency programs and Program Directors are looking for in an applicant.

Program Details


Teaching Hospital Setting


LOR Provided (*performance-based)


Your residency specialist will help you select a preferable specialty and location of externship


Obtain USCE and gain in-depth experience into the daily life in a residency program


Fully insured, hands-on externships


University-based and community-based teaching hospital programs across country