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So You Got Rejected From Residency – Now What?

Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that many medical students won’t match for a residency program. Due to the rising number of students in medical school but a stagnant amount of residency programs available, not matching with a position is becoming more common among students across the world. In 2017, over 4,000 U.S. and international students did not match with a residency program, leaving many to wonder if they will ever practice medicine and if they have a second chance.

At Residents Medical, we provide you with a second chance.

Through a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals in collaboration with The Everest Foundation, we are able to provide exclusive and premier services for students and graduates to prepare for residency. Our programs include education, preparatory, placement, and consulting services designed to boost your resume, interview skills, and provide you with research and placement opportunities.

A large reason why many applicants are rejected is due to a lack of clinical experience and poor interview skills.

While scientific research is important, it cannot substitute clinical experience. An admissions committee will be hesitant to accept an applicant that wants to pursue a career in medicine that has not spent time in a clinical area. While you prepare to apply to residency programs a second time, our counselors can connect you to clinical programs to boost your standing among other applicants.

If you were able to obtain an interview, showing strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence is essential, otherwise, programs may feel that the candidate will be unsuccessful in their residency. In order to prepare for a residency interview, practice a relaxed dialogue discussing yourself and explaining your motivated that influenced your decision to practice medicine.

Whatever the reason you didn’t find a match to a residency program, this is not the end of your journey to practice medicine. There are options to revitalize your skills and revamp your application so that your dream residency becomes a reality.