After 2 years of hard work and study, as well as 11 months of great hands-on clinical experience, I achieved very high scores on the USMLE exams. I received about 15 interviews, but unfortunately I didn’t match. I became desperate. Everyone told me I had to apply to less competitive specialties like Family Medicine and to county hospitals in order to increase my chances. But fortunately a close friend referred me to Residents Medical.

I met their team in person and after speaking with them, I felt that same feeling I had before. They believed in me. They told me they could help me to get into almost any specialty in one of the best University based hospitals. They helped place me in a high-end research program. I started with full energy and after about a month I interviewed for an open position in SOAP at UC Davis SoM and was accepted.

Now, I am a PGY-2 resident in the UC system and I am planning on getting 2 fellowships at Harvard and UCLA as soon as I finish my residency. I cannot thank this dedicated group enough for this opportunity!

Best Regards,