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Understanding the Residency Interview Process

What is a Residency interview?
The residency interview is the most decisive step in your journey to residency; without an interview, there is no residency. This is your opportunity to compare the programs you’re most interested in, and it’s your chance to observe program environments and meet your potential mentors and colleagues.The experiences and insight you will get from visiting programs during these interviews will prove to be extremely valuable when you consider whether to rank a program and at which level. The program also ranks you. Are you someone they can work with for years to come?

How is the interview structured?
Each program will have an itinerary prepared for you which includes the names of the people you’ll meet and how long you’ll speak to them. You will likely speak to the Program Director, other faculty members, various residents, and other individuals with whom you would have extensive contact should you become a resident at that program. You should also have the opportunity to view the hospital and clinic facilities which will provide insight into the general atmosphere of the work environment. Additionally, there is usually a pre-mixer the day before where you get to meet some of the residents already in the program.

Why is the interview so important?
The program interviewers are critiquing you just as much as you are critiquing them. They likely know from your transcript, CV, and personal statement that you are a strong candidate academically. The interview process is where they seek to determine your compatibility with their program. In this way, the residency interview is more similar to a job interview than to an application for a school. Program Directors look for information about your values, motives for pursuing a medical career, attitudes toward patient care and personal interactions, as well as your professional goals. They grade you according to the ACGME 6 competency outcomes. Because every interview candidate will be academically qualified, the interview is your chance to express what makes you stand out individually.

How can Residents Medical help with this process?
Our Interview Prep services will give you the confidence you need in order to leave a lasting impression. Our services include:
Sessions with a speech and language pathologist to strategize the best ways to express yourself and tailor your responses to important questions
Opportunities to practice in mock interviews with our Residency Dream Team™
Training in a one-on-one setting with a current Program Director
Access to practice questions taken straight from real residency interviews
Our services guide you through the steps to successful interview experiences while helping you maximize the efficiency of your preparation as they help you maximize your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

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