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What if You Don’t Match?

What if You Don't Match?

The Match process is thoroughly competitive. Residency applicants are facing an increase in competition for the same number of residency spots, and every year there are students left unmatched. In 2014, 8,583 active applicants did not match. Of these 8,583 unmatched applicants, 74% were IMGs or FMGs. If this happens to you, don’t panic.

Here’s what Residents Medical can help you with:

March– Apply to open residency positions via SOAP. As an unmatched applicant, you are automatically entered into the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP), a one-week process that allows students to apply to unfilled residency positions.

April– Obtain an externship (Residents Medical has programs available in the East/West Coast and the Midwest). It is imperative that you do not have gaps in your CV, so that your application for the subsequent match process is as polished as possible.

May– Look for new, last-minute residency openings. Sometimes new residency positions open up due to unexpected visa complications or last-minute changes. Now is your chance to offer yourself as a viable alternative candidate.

June– Prepare for 2015 Match. DO NOT harp on the past. At this point, your focus and attention need to be placed on moving yourself forward for next year’s match process. Residents Medical has decades of experience helping students in this particular situation. With proper planning and practice, you can get matched. Send your CV to [email protected] and we’ll guide you through the process.