The Journey of an Indian Doctor To America

Each year thousands of medical graduates from India come to America to become a doctor in the US. Those immigrants apply for medical residency and for various reasons don’t achieve this goal. US medical graduates have a strong infrastructure, but graduates from India do not have this luxury. They often fail trying to learn the […]

Protect Your Eyes This Healthy Vision Month

Healthcare professionals across America have deemed July Healthy Vision Month. Though most of us rely on our vision at every waking moment, it can be easy to take for granted your healthy eyesight until it’s gone. Each year due to environmental and technological changes in our world, it becomes more and more important to educate […]

Adjusting to Residency:
Get to Know Your New Neighborhood

Achieving US medical residency is a defining moment in one’s career. As hopeful medical students cross the frontier into true doctorhood, it brings both fulfilling and scary changes. Many new residents find themselves matched to a program in an entirely new location they’ve never been to before. Moving to a new city or even country […]

Medical Residency and Mental Health: What Can Be Done?

While getting into a residency program can be an exciting next step toward your medical aspirations, it is not without its own hardships. Throughout the 21st century, research finds that many medical residents struggle with clinical depression and poor mental health at some point in their residency. From a 2018 study by the University of […]

Why FMG’s and IMG’s are Worth Considering for Residency?

America, land of the free and home of the brave. The nurturing mother to countless US-born and foreign-born citizens who dream of healing people in the future by becoming physicians for tomorrow. As time flies, we are seeing more and more foreign doctors working at our US hospitals and providing their expertise in the realm […]