The CV and personal statement can be a source of stress for medical students & graduates applying to residency. Presenting this information in a clean, organized fashion should convey what makes you a strong candidate, and a good fit for a residency program.

Here’s some do’s and don’ts:

Don’t rehash

The personal statement is your opportunity to relate something about yourself that is not already in your application. Merely summarizing your CV can be boring to read, and not very useful

Don’t dramatize

Elaborating a patient care experience can be useful, but don’t over-dramatize. Connecting to a patient in a way that no one else did is admirable, but not necessarily unique. Remember, Program Directors read these types of personal statements everyday

Don’t feel the need to promote or explain a specialty

You are not advertising a specialty. You’re advertising why YOU are a good fit for it. Connect something personal about your background to the demands of the specific specialty you’re applying to.

Do include an interesting, unusual hobby. This shows you’re a well-rounded applicant!

Do include global medical experiences, if you have them

Do include specific career goals beyond finishing residency. Where do you see yourself in 6 years?

Do share life-altering events

Do share about your failures and how you overcame them

Do share about strengths & what makes you unique

Writing may not be what you’re best at. And that’s okay! But that doesn’t mean you lack an interesting story to share. Our residency experts can bring out your best qualities through our personalized CV/PS editing, tailored by a program director, dean, and/or other graduate medical education leader.