Navigating the Residency Landscape: Pre-Match vs. Match Positions

Embarking on the road to a medical residency involves crucial decisions that shape your future in medicine. One pivotal choice is understanding the nuances between Pre-Match and Match residency teaching positions. In this guide tailored for medical students, international medical graduates (IMGs), medical residents, and those aspiring to join the medical profession, we’ll explore the […]

Why FMG’s and IMG’s are Worth Considering for Residency?

America, land of the free and home of the brave. The nurturing mother to countless US-born and foreign-born citizens who dream of healing people in the future by becoming physicians for tomorrow. As time flies, we are seeing more and more foreign doctors working at our US hospitals and providing their expertise in the realm […]

3 Things You Can Do to Strengthen your ERAS Application

The ERAS Application for those applying for residency is your opportunity to present yourself as a strong candidate for a program. It’s imperative that you have a CV filled with reasons why a Program Director would want you on their team. There are three things you can do right now with our help to empower […]

ERAS Pushed One Month Ahead for NRMP Match 2021

The global COVID19 pandemic has impacted medical education and subsequently, many applicants plan with applying for residency. The disruption in the residency match process has been addressed by the AAMC, as they have announced changes in the ERAS application and published a new timeline, including a new date for transmission of the ERAS application to […]

How Do I Land a U.S. Medical Residency if I Graduated More Than 5 Years Ago?

Applying for residency as an older graduate, meaning those over the age of forty and/or those who graduated medical school over 5 years ago, can be intimidating. You’re competing with a fresh pool of eager, bright-eyed young graduates, and there just isn’t enough room for everyone. With your CV showing you graduated over five years […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Personal Statement and CV in ERAS

The CV and personal statement can be a source of stress for medical students & graduates applying to residency. Presenting this information in a clean, organized fashion should convey what makes you a strong candidate, and a good fit for a residency program. Here are some do’s and don’ts: Don’t rehash The personal statement is […]

Why USMLE Step 3 is important

Obtaining a U.S. Medical residency is highly competitive, with only one in four U.S. physicians being an international medical graduate (IMG). With the added pressures of language and culture, entering the realm of graduate medical education as an IMG can be difficult. Foreign applicants often have a harder time navigating the residency program application system […]

Where do I go from here?

If you are one of the thousands of residency applicants who didn’t match to a U.S. medical residency – it can feel like the end of the world. You’ve already sacrificed so much to make your dream of becoming a physician true; time, money, and endless dedication. But this has also demonstrated your resiliency, so […]

Preparing for Virtual Interviews

A virtual interview leverages video technology to allow a discussion to take place remotely. Although virtual interviews were being done, the spread of COVID-19 has made this the standard for most communications, medical education included. The tools required for this type of meeting typically require a computer with a built-in or external video camera and […]

USMLE: Breaking Down the Steps

As one of the core elements to the residency application, the impact USMLE scores have on a candidate’s journey to residency is immense. As a result, it is crucial for applicants to have a strong understanding of the exam and each of its steps. Here, we give a brief breakdown of the USMLE and some […]