ERAS 101

With the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) about to open, your application should be ready to go. Don’t wait until the last day; give yourself time to properly complete it. There will be tens of thousands of ERAS applications submitted during these upcoming weeks, but Residents Medical can help strengthen your candidacy in order to […]

How Our Candidates Found Their Match

This year’s Match season was unlike any other. The stakes are getting higher as the number of applicants increases but the number of positions remains the same. This year, there were only about 33,000 positions for just under 44,000 applicants.  It can seem impossible to land a residency nowadays, and many medical graduates feel the […]

So You Got Rejected From Residency – Now What?

Unfortunately, there is a very real chance that many medical students won’t match for a residency program. Due to the rising number of students in medical school but a stagnant amount of residency programs available, not matching with a position is becoming more common among students across the world. In 2017, over 4,000 U.S. and […]